Wild Mediterranean

A rebellious gastronomic journey through the Mediterranean with influences
from the most international cuisines

“Enjoy in a BIG way our culinary vision: the fusion of dishes and ingredients
from other world cuisines with a delicious foundation of traditional
Mediterranean cuisine. A tremendous journey of flavors awaits!

Can you imagine an Iberian delight with a delicate French flavor?

A bite as flavorful as it is sensual: a fluffy sweet brioche bun filled with tender oxtail stew and pickled gherkins. You’ll lick your fingers!

This is just a sample of the gastronomic journey we have prepared at Atroz:
original and authentic recipes, premium ingredients, an exquisite selection of
international wines, and an original menu of signature cocktails, all in a modern and casual atmosphere.

Iberian Mediterranean

Would you like to try a French classic from your childhood with a touch of adult pleasure? We reinvent the most typical of desserts in Atroz style: creamy cheese with strawberries accompanied by light yogurt ice cream, and a presentation that will make your mouth water just by looking at it.

This is an example of our traditional cuisine and our relaxed way of life that makes Mediterranean culture a global reference and our land cosmopolitan. That’s why everyone who comes to know us keeps coming back. And from this coexistence of customs arises the innovative cuisine of ATROZ.

Wild Mediterranean

The perfect place to enjoy vermouth hour, take a relaxed lunch break, savor a well-deserved after-work drink, or share a delightful dinner in good company.