Wild Mediterranean

A rebellious gastronomic journey through the Mediterranean with influences from the most international cuisines

Is there anything that brings more satisfaction than traveling? Traveling makes us happy, improves our mood, reduces stress, activates curiosity and creativity. Traveling enriches our lives and helps us grow as individuals, nourishing us with other cultures and allowing us to experience different lifestyles.

Those of us who live in the Mediterranean know a lot about this. A land of travelers and hosts who enjoy both discovering new places and welcoming the curious who want to uncover our cultures. That is the spirit with which Atroz was born. A journey through our creative and spirited cuisine, resulting from the fusion of our Mediterranean culinary tradition and our explorations around the world.

Lentils, fruits, vegetables, and the master trio: bread, oil, and wine. This is the foundation of our dishes, which we prepare using recipes and ingredients from other borders to create our own flavors.

But being Mediterranean is much more than being born on these shores.Being Mediterranean is a character.

And our cuisine is infused with it: the joy, the sun, the calmness, life in the streets, curiosity, the sea, the pleasure of eating, the eagerness to try new things, the excitement, the good humor, the Mediterranean lifestyle.

We offer you a huge, intense, and wild journey through our Mediterranean of today, more influenced by other flavors than ever before, resulting in the most delicious and enjoyable gastronomic experience you have tasted in this city.

Enjoy in Atroz

Because enjoyment is the most important thing in these lands, the cuisine of Atroz awaits you. We have reserved a seat for you on this journey.